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Latisse® for Eyelashes

Produced by Allergan, the same pharmaceutical company which also is the manufacturer of Botox®, LATISSE® is a serum developed to enhance the look of sparse, thin lashes, making them fuller, thicker and darker. LATISSE®‘s active ingredient (Bimatoprost) was discovered to have a positive effect on the appearance of lashes while being used as a treatment for elevated intraocular pressure. Later, clinical trials revealed that 78% of participants (versus 18% for placebo) experienced a significant increase in overall eyelash prominence.


Latisse is sold at our office and is used at home once a day. After 8 weeks you should start to see thicker, fuller lashes. The product is applied in the evening to your upper and lower eyelashes with the included sterile brushes.

Latisse is the only medical product on the market that actually helps your lashes grow longer and stronger. Once you attain your desired results, using the product occasionally will help maintain your new, thicker lashes.  Be sure to ask our staff to show you their lashes ,they are all very proud of them, and it’s all due to Latisse.