Is sleep important to weight loss? Read how your lack of good sleep could be sabotaging your best efforts to lose weight.

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What's New at Vive

  • How important is sleep to weight loss?

    Written on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

    How important is sleep? Recently, I have had some discussions with my patients about the importance of good quality sleep and weight loss. Many of us are so busy that we are up way too late working, or just trying …

  • Medical Weight Loss and the Health Impacts of Obesity

    Written on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

    Food is a big part of holiday season celebrations. It leaves many of us a few pounds over weight, struggling to get into our favorite jeans and anticipating a diet or exercise in the New Year. For those who suffer …

  • Unexpected Weight Gain

    Written on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

    Sometimes your medical condition or medications could be causing your weight gain. Dr Pinto will explain some of those reasons.

  • Sobering Thoughts On Alcohol And Your Weight

    Written on Monday, March 14th, 2016

    Alcohol and weight loss don’t always go hand in hand. Enjoying a glass of wine doesn’t have to prohibit your efforts, but it certainly can play a role.

  • Written on Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

    Rev up that metabolism! Simple steps to take you from no energy to full of energy.

  • US News Ranks the Best Diets for 2015

    Written on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

    The best diets of 2015 have been listed by US News and meal replacements to lose weight are highlighted as one of those diets. We have a phenomenal meal replacement plan to help you lose weight quickly and safely, all while we educate you on how to keep the weight off permanently.

  • Saxenda is the next obesity drug approved by the FDA

    Written on Sunday, January 4th, 2015

    A new weight loss medication has been approved by the FDA. Saxenda (liraglutide) is a GLP-1 agonist that can help overweight and obese patients lose weight.

  • Insulin resistance

    Written on Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

    Eating too much starch and sugar can cause insulin resistance which can wreak havoc on your body and your waistline. Choosing foods lower in sugar will help with both weight loss and with reversing cardiovascular disease.